Woods Club

Danii Lyric January 23, 2015


Woods Club has been a staple venue in the SL club scene for 7 years. Last year saw a change in owership ushering in a fresh start. Saturday 24th, 2015 marks the one year annaversary of its reopening. 

The owner of Woods, Leila Galli, has graciously invited the CKC to host the after party following the main celebration, providing the starting point for our grid tour.

In preperation for this weekend I had a chance to sit down with Miss Galli and find out a little more about the venue and its owner.


Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Hai Leila.


Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Hi Danii.


Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Can you tell us a little about the history of Woods Club?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Woods originated on Second Life in                     

2008 owned then by Ezio Gears and Mercedes Auer. They opened Woods to bring a                                               

platform to SL. Then in 2011 for real life reasons, they shut their door.
In January of 2014, Ezio Gears and Mercedes Auer decided to pass Woods to me. We reopened January 25th, 2014 as Woods Club

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I remember the reopening and how excited people were to have Woods back.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Yes and it has been an exciting year with much more to come.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): We can't wait to see what tricks you've got up your sleeve. lol
                                   What genre's of music can be found at Woods?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Well we have everything from House Music, Electro, Techno, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Brakes, Tech House, Afro/Tribal House & Soulful.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): A little something for everyone.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Yes we try to give the people what they want.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Clearly you're doing an excellent job!

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Thank You :) It takes alot of hard work and an amazing staff to get it done.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): lol I know all too well
                                   Is this your first time owning a club in SL?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): No, I previously owned GOL for about a year. But due to issues with its former owner and the gift that Ezio and Mercedes made to me we changed to Woods Club.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): What is it that made you want to become a club owner in SL?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Well originally Gol was closing back then and i couldn't imagine SL without it. So I decided to make an offer to continue with the Legend of GOL. Unfortunately, it was probably the worst decision I have ever made in Second Life. Luckily, Ezio and Mercedes showed me what it was to be real.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Sounds like you made a brave decision and came away stronger for it.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): I made a smarter decision with people that could be trusted!

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Live and learn as they say, and lucky for the people of SL who now have you and Woods=)

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Thank you so much. We look forward everyday to bringing people the best quality of music in SL.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): What, in your opinion, is the hardest part of running the club?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): haha! I would say dealing with different kinds of people from all over the world.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): lol Oh yes...language barriers! Always challenging.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Yessss! But we try.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Is there anything special we should look forward to at Woods in the coming year?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): A new build is going up also on January 24th. Also we do a lot of amazing huge events here @ Woods where we change the entire sim. We will have many events like this this upcoming year, and as always more amazing music with the best DJS in SL.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Awesome! Lots of exciting things to keep SL on its toes!


Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): We are constantly doing and updating. Never staying stagnant. Its why Woods is the last old name in SL now.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Now to switch gears a little lets fine out a little about the person who makes it all happen. You!

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Actually this Friday is my rez day so I am turning 5 years old.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Oh! Well Happy Rez Day!

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): hahah Thank you

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): When you're not working in the club, what else do you like to do?

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Im in RL working and taking care of my child

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Ahhh that pesky RL!  Sounds like you are a bit of a workaholic lol.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): I try not to be but I have a career in real so it does keep me busy.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I bet! A smart, capable, hard working lady to be sure.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): When I believe in something, I give it all I have.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): That is an excellent outlook.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): :)

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Well I don't want to hoard too much of your time this evening. Thank you so much for chatting with me.

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): All the best of luck this weekend, I'm looking forward to the festivities!

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): Thank you so much really

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric):=D See ya there!

Ŀ.Ɛ.Ī.Ŀ.Ī.Ƭ.Λ  ƓΛĿĿĪ  (Leila Roddenham): :D


I had a wonderful time talking to Miss Galli, what a great interview with a truely lovely lady.

Come join us this weekend for great people and great music and be sure to check out one of SL's premier clubs during their regular business hours : 8am to 8pm Tuesday through Thursday and 10am to 10pm Friday through Sunday.