What the CKC is about


Plain and simple the CKC is a close group of long time friends that have always been able to create and have a great time no matter where we find ourselves. We are good at what we do! 


As avid lovers of music we have all spent a great deal of time in and around the music scene, be it as club goers, club owners, managers, DJs, or hosts.  We have watched the scene grow and change and have grown and changed alongside it. With that in mind we wanted to change gears again and have a go at something new. A fresh way to start a brand new year and expand beyond our inner circle, so to speak. 


Rather than opening a new club and being in competition with well known and established venues, our mission is to contribute to these venues. Offering events planned and staffed by the CKC's talented DJs and hosts. This means we get to visit many places and groups of people while providing a headache free and fun event for the club staff. 


We will be kicking off our very first grid tour January 24th @ Woods. (For more information see the Tour section) Be sure keep an eye out for our next stop!

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