Energy Club

Danii Lyric  February 6, 2015


Since 2010 Energy has been one of the the most popular clubs in SL. The amazing staff is endlessly dedicated to making sure they provide the best music SL has to offer in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

It is here that the CKC is making the second stop on our tour. 

I hijacked one of Energy's owners, Datrip Blackbart, to find out about this awesome venue!


Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Hey Datrip=)

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): hey Dani :) let's do this!

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Ok! Lets start with Energy. Tell me a little about its history.












ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): Energy was born in 2010, Thlemaxos Rewell founded it, and me, solostah arabello, Manon Clary and Ozyra Roascastle joined his project, we started with a little piece of land and since we really loved it we decided to invest our time to make it how it is right now, Energy club is what it is because of the passion of us friends but mostly because of the love and passion of the people of your management and staff, that for 5 years no stop believed and still believe in our dream

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Energy has been around as long as I can remember and I really can't imagine SL without it.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): and you don't have to ! because we have no intention to drop Energy Club, we have a lot of projects going on, and 2015 will be a very important year for this club, we will have  a lot of chances, starting with the music genres, we were known to be mostly an electro club, now we are requiring our DJs to experiment new styles and we want to definitely be able to offer our customers the best music range of Second life

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): What can people expect to find at Energy?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): what people can expect to fin at Energy?, probably the same things i expect to find, a friendly place, where you can go make new friends, listening good tunes and spending good time

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Sounds like the perfect place for good times and good music.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): oh ye you got it!
Thing is that energy is moved by passion, not by business, not by other any intention, so it's its management and staff and i think  you can feel it when you come to this club, i can feel the passion when i spin here

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): that makes all the difference
Is Energy the first club you've been involved in owning?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): Energy is the first club i owned in second life and for sure it will be the last, and I'm sure i can talk for my associates too we love this place too much, all of us :)

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): That's a nice thing to hear. You get so many horror stories about first clubs. lol

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): ehehe well we were lucky Thlemaxos raised it like his lil kid, and we uncles helped him in growin up the child ahahah

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Thats awesome! Put your hears and souls into it.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): well my soul was sold to the devil way before energy club so mm maybe i didn't put that

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): LOL!
So what made you want to get involved with the club business?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): basically my friendship with Thlemaxos, it was all about that, and I'm sure it was for the other associates too, we owners of this club are bounded with a deep friendship that started 5 years ago and it's still going on, we never had fights we are very lucky about that, we all respect each other and i suppose this is why this club is still opened and why it's totally healthy, because we maybe see things in different ways but we always respect each other and always put the club before our personal needs

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Thats the key right there. Being able to work with, and even disagree with people without it becoming a battle.

What do you feel is the most challenging part of running a club in SL?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): wow that is a good question
let me tell you, Energy club brings us a new challenges everyday, but we are lucky we have an epic management team, trained and very passionate that allow us owners to just deal with the good things and take care of all the problems so, ye our  managers, spoiled us a lot and we are very thankful to have such a team like this
but i think i didnt answer your question, our challenge for 2015 is to bring to our customers more music styles and to be able to do it with the best djs available in Secondlife, and this is a huge challenge!

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Yes the DJs seem to come and go so quickly its hard to keep up

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): As i said about the rest, it's all a matter about what makes you work as dj as host as manager, in the club scene, what moves you to do that makes you what you are, if it's passion moving you then it's more difficult that you leave or stress about tips or crew or traffic, when you spin or host or manage because you are passionate about that, you don't care you put the same effords for a crowd of 60 people as for a crowd of 2, you do things for yourself, and believe me it's difficult but when you are able to do it then you make it feel to the people, i see it myself, when i spin for myself when i do it cos it makes me feel good i usually do better then when i am doing it for the crowd or to get more people in the club, because people get you through ur music.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I love hearing that because all too often its all about the attention of the tips. I think it makes a huge difference in the quality.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): omg i hate that, sometimes my managers go sick at me because i don't log the tip jar when i spin, but i don't do it because to me that is not important, i rather prefer they get tips then i do, it's not really that a good reason to spin a slot, fuck the lindens lol

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Indeed!
Tell me, what is your take on clubs and the over all club scene in SL?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): When i joined second life, almost 5 years ago, the club scene was totally different to what it is right now, and let me tell you was WAY much better then now, I still have very good memories about the clubs i was used to love, before we founded Energy Club, i remember Club Illusion where basically we all met eachother, Toontopia another historical club of Second life and Bar None that was another special place, the people that were running these clubs were different from the actual owners of sl clubs, clubs weren't fighting each other, weren't cheating on traffic with bots, weren't sabotaging other clubs, the scene was more cleaned and more honest. Now days, let me tell you, I see things that makes me smile and isn't really a happy smile, but enough about that!

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I remember all those places. I was actually lucky enough to be a part of BarNone until it shut its doors last year. I do not think we will ever see their like again.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): Well, I'm sure that every scene, and club scene too, passes through phases, probably right now this is what we deserve, but what i want to say it is that if you open a club for a reason that is different from the love of music, if you do it cos you want to earn money or you want to prove people you are someone or any other reason like that, you are intended to fail, beacuse, with clubs you don't earn money, and if you own a club doesn't mean you are someone.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I couldn't agree more
Now, enough about all the club stuff. Lets hear a little about you. What are you doing when not busy with Energy?

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): well in these years in secondlife i have to say that i was able to make my sl more stressing and busy then my real life, so when I am not busy with energy i usually work for my store in here or work my rl job rofl, i have to say that second life made my rl social network looking like the Sahara desert lol

[02:05] Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): LOL! Always busy!
I'm starting to find that club owners are all workaholics!

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): oh ye u can ask around, my friends know that, when they im me the know that the waiting time for an answer goes from 10 mins to 3 hours, and they still love me, isnt that fkn amazing?!

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Well you and I have been running around the same side of the grid for a long time and I can tell you I have never heard anything but good things about you.

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): aww that's great I'm glad to hear that, let's not scream it out, won't challenge that luck !

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): yeah knock on some wood real fast! lol

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): ahahaha

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Well I think I have taken up more than my fair share of your time for one day. lol
Thank you so much for talking with me.=)

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): thank you for your time too
and for listening me :)

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): :D I enjoyed it very much!
You have a great day and I'll see you Saturday! \o/

ßeasтMoĐє (DATRIP Blackbart): sure thing :)


It's always great to talk with someone who truely understands what the love of music and friends is all about. I had a great time chatting with one and only Datrip and getting his insight and point of view. I only wish there had been more time to talk to all of the indivitual owners of Energy.

Come on down to Energy this weekend and party with us. We'll be there from 8pm to midnight SLT!