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Danii Lyric  March 20, 2015


SoundSation has been going strong since 2012, offering a variety of amazing music and DJs for any listener to enjoy as well as many other amazing services to choose from. This weekend Soundsation is the gracious host for the third stop on the CKC grid wide tour.

This evening I was able to sit down for a little chat with the owner, Cris Leistone to find out more about this venue and thelady behind all the hard work.


Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Hai there! How are you Cris?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): I'm fine ty :)
Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): =) That is good to hear. Its been a while since I

caught up with you.

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): Yes, maybe 1 year. All ok with u?

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): So long! I am great thanks!

So, lets start with a little of SoundSation's History. What can you tell me about this great venue?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): The Soundsation club was born in June 2012 and to this day stay with this image, while preserving the music, the main ingredient to be able to keep that dream alive.
Our staff is like a family, therefore, we value the bonds that grows between us.
Here everyone is welcome, our musical range is vast, so hopefully always be able to please the 4 corners of the world.
We are open 10 hours a day, with lots of good music and a wide area of ​​services such as residential, weddings, theme parties, private parties, fashion events, among others.
Over time we organized various themed events, with lots of success, many of which deserve greater emphasis. Like the world cup music festival and summer festival.
This year the club will do three years, and we all hope to continue with this dream for many more years to come.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Thats awesome! I'm looking forward to the 3 year mark.
What are the main genres to be found at Soundsation?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): Well people can find a lot of genres here, since Electro, House Music, Tech house, Tecnho, Progressive, EDM, Soulful, Funky house, Tech Tribe, Tribal, Deep Tech, Chillout, and more.

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): That is a very good variety

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): we love music :)

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): \o/
Anything in the works for the upcoming year that we should keep an eye out for?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): well at this moment i only can say that summer festival will back and a for sure much more surprises till the end of this year

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Oooh! A Summer Festival sounds exciting!

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): Yes, this will be the second edition

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Is this the first club you've owned?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): no, i had one before, named Algarve sunset with more 4 friends in 2009

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Ohhh That was before my time. lol

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): lol
was in my first year of sl


Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): What inspired you to become a club owner?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): the love by music and the chance to build something least we try

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): The two best reasons right there!

What, In your opinion, is the hardest part of running a club?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): that is a hard question :D

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): We ask the tough questions around here muahahahah!

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): well, different people, try keep all staff happy, vips happy, cause all people have a history here and at Soundsation all are a family

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): you know I think that is probably the most common answer, trying to juggle all the people involved.

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): i think that is the most important thing

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): I have to agree. Without the people there is only an empty building.

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): there are a lot of clubs in SL, open is easy, keep it means you need have a real passion by what you do

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): So so true!
What are your thoughts about competition between clubs in SL?

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): I think there are a place to all in SL, all clubs deserve respect , but neither all do it, not everyone has the same values ​​and concepts of what is to build a club , a place that can be our image, not the image of someone else.   I think many times people forget the most important ingredient here, the music

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Well said.

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): :)

Dǟռɨɨӄǟ (Danii Lyric): Well my dear, Thank you so much for your time this evening!

ợµээи ℓ. (Cris Leistone): You welcome, was a pleasure


Its always a pleasure to catch up with Miss Leistone, such a wonderful lady! Join us Saturday March 21, 2015 at SoundSation for great people and great music! We will be there from 6pm til 11pm SLT!

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