The Cool Kids Crew

Hansel Blaisdale

Hometown - Vancouver, B.C.
SL DJ - 9 years
Genres - Breakbeat, DnB, Hardstep, Dubz

Gear - DDJ-SX / Numark Mixdeck

~* Bringing that badass Breakbeat Bass *~

DJ Decibel has been spinning the SL club scene for close to a decade. His breakbeat style always brings that distinct percussive rhythm mixed with shuffling hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums.
Early ties in the Hip-Hop/B-Boy scene have led to todays influences such as Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, DJ Hero, DJ Baby Anne and more.

His SL DJ career has covered everything from starting out in obscure small venues as a start up to high profile clubs, events and exclusive parties. 2015 should be a busy year as a headline DJ for the CKC Grid Tour 2015!


Kaylor Monroe
Kaylor Mazie

Hometown - Orange County, California

SL Job - Personal Host

~* Drink every time someone's a bitchhh...anddd I'm drunk! *~


Kaylor has been hosting up party storms in SL for quite a while now. Anyone who has ever been to one of her parties knows that her outgoing personality and effervecience makes everyone feel like they are there to have a great time. Her synergy with the DJ makes any show upbeat and bangin'. She's doesn't beleive in the gesturbating because to her that's a last resort to some who can't find the atmosphere in the club and use it to their advantage.

When it comes to working a crowd, no one does it better!


Neddy Elman

Hometown - Queens, New York
SL DJ - 6
Genres - HipHop, Freestyle, Top 40, Throwbacks

Gear - Vestax Spin


~* Don't Hurt 'em Son *~


DJ Neddy has been involved in the DJ culture for well over a decade, both in RL and SL. His unique brand of hiphop combines an energetic vibe and old school flavor making every set a mixture of nostalgia and head bobbin' exellance.

Working as an editor/producer in the east coast underground hiphop scene and early exposure to the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Kool DJ Red Alert, Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Rick Rubin, and DJ Mister Cee have influenced his unique style over the years.

2015 should prove an amazing year for this CKC Headliner


xJetx Chrome

Hometown - Perth, Australia
SL DJ - 6 years
Genres -
Mash Up/Rock House

Gear - Serato Scratch Live/Numark NS6


~* M8 please! I only play with Kunts! *~


DJ Kunt was introduced to the DJ culture and found that he'd never been so inspired by anything in his life. He wasted no time in acquiring his first set of equipment, driven by the consuming need to chase what couple only be expressed through the music. He taught himself to mix by emulating DJ Hazard, quickly learning and finding his own unique style. Since then, he's played many venues both in RL and SL. He's owned several SL clubs, most recent being Club Temperance.

In addition to being a talented DJ, DJ Kunt is also a skilled mesh designer and owner of DeadPool Fashion



Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
SL job: Promotion Director
            Event Coordinator
Owner: TGG Gestures/Alchoholic Events


~* What you say to me?!? *~


Tommy has been forever linked with the club scene in SL with his awesomely outrageous TGG Gestures and his loyal dedication to promoting Alcoholick events and parties, all of which have become legend in the SL community.
Tommys combines all these talents in his arsenal to bring us the best in music, people and most of all fun to anything he has a hand in. Passion for the industry makes Tommy a true leader in the buisiness and we look forward to partying along side him as he kicks off the CKC Grid Tour 2015.


Yara Jurado

Hometown - Deinze, Belgium

SL Job - Personal Host
SL DJ - 1+ year
Genres - Electrohouse/Trance


~* Waffles! *~


Yara has been a huge part of the SL club scene over the last 4 years. You've likely seen here at just about every club that has come and gone over time, wheither it be as owner, manager, or host, her sweet personality and fun loving nature has brought good times and great memories to each and every venue.
Yara's budding DJ career began with experimentation useing ableton and traktor and before she knew it she had passed her first casting with flying colors. She has since been a dj at numorous clubs throughout SL.


Booch Capelo

Hometown - New York City
SL DJ - 5 years
Genres - House/Electro/Progressive/Hip-Hop

Gear - Pioneer DDJ-SX


~*  *~


DJ Booch feeds off the vibes of the crowd and takes off from there. Heavily influenced by the classic heavy bass, drums and vocal sounds of the NYC House scene, DJ Booch has been able to expand and collaborate several different genres and styles into an unforgettable sound that keeps the crowd moving - even out of your chair in RL. Blau!



Hometown - Pittsburgh, Pa.

SL Job - Host
           - CKC Security


~* I'm Just Awesome! *~


Sha is a veteran hostess, never failing to hype up even the toughest crowd, no matter the venue or genre of music. Versitile and energetic, her presence is all it takes to get any party started. Any DJ lucky eough to work with Sha is sure to rock that much harder!

2015 promises great things for this spectacular lady as already proven by her recent nomination for 'Favorite  Host or Hostess' in this years AviChoice Awards.


Anastasia Sommerset

Hometown - Vancouver, B.C.
SL Job - Commander of the Cloud of Judgement


~* Suck a bag of dicks *~


Anastasia has been kicking ass and taking names since she stepped foot on the grid. This no nonsense fashionista dresses to kill and has the attitude to back it up. Her fierce loyalty to the ones she loves makes her a CKC juggernaut when it comes to getting everyone together for having fun, chugski's, and most of all good laughs.
Ana takes care of the rest of us in the down time hosting her grid famous game nights. She can always be found on her cloud of judgement, handing down life lessons to all of the sinners.


Vix Miggins

Hometown - New Castle upon Tyne, UK
SL Job - Master Blogger

                 CKC Flyer Guru


~* *~




Shannon Moorsider

Hometown -
SL Job -  DJ Manager/Host


~* CoFounder of The Cool Kids Club *~


Shannon has always been a radiant light on just about everyone's SL experience. Her soft, nurturing soul is always there when you need it. A founding member of the CKC, Shannon saw the potential for what could happen when you bring everyone's talents together to bring out something exceedingly positive.
The CKC is what it is today because she has always expressed her love of people, music, and friendship. Shannon's confidence has been the CKC rock that is the basis for what the club strives to represent.


Danii Lyric

Hometown - Salt Lake City, Utah
SL job: CKC Media Director
Owner: LC Landscape & Design

            Lyric Photography & Poses


~* I do what I want! *~


What can we say about our girl Danii?

Well a whole hell of a lot actually. Basically without her the CKC would be quite disfunctional. She keeps our heads in check and makes sure we have our shit together. Anytime we organize a tour stop she is there to make sure all the details are handled proffesionaly and all our egos are under control. She handles the CKC website. Does in depth interviews with people in the club scene, takes all the excellent photographs you see of the events and on top of that does all our teraforming and decorating for the events we put on ourselves. Basically there isnt an aspect of the CKC event tour she does not have creative hand in. We love our Danii girl and couldnt be nearly as awesome without her!!


More Coming soon!